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Thursday, April 1, 2010

new arrival and limited colection for sale. pls make order by sms me to 016 2270053.

" donut" RM 15 for 2. Code by color. pink, white ,yellow, green , coco sberry and coco peach.

Handmade Tea cosy in rosebud color cream- Rm 45 only ( cotton 100%)

salt and pepper shaker with chef -all in ( size 8'' height) rm 45.90(SOLD OUT )

Duck Door stopper design ( DDSMixxie) Rm 189 each. washable. weight 2.5 kg

Duck Door stopper design ( DDSLisa) Rm 189 each. washable. weight 2.5 kg.

Duck Door stopper design ( DDSSuxy) Rm 189 each. washable. weight 2.5 kg.

teapot towel olive green RM69 each. washable towel

duck towel yellow and pink design B ( yellow ) and designC (pink) Rm69 each

Duck towel Baby Blue Design D(small check- sold) and E( big check) price RM 69 each

Duck towel preety pink design f( stripe patch) and g ( red check patch-sold) Price Rm69 each

bird house kitchen timer.. a.ka. fridge magnet RM19.90 ( size 3 inch x 5 inch)( SOLD OUT )

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Unknown said...


May I know what is the measurement of the timer? By the way, what is the business hour of your showroom? I plan to go to your shop one of the weekend.